Do you wish to valuate your property, assess the property market in a search area or are you just curious about how much your neighbours sold/bought their house ? (we all are).

Ask Patrim, the new tool from French tax administration.

For that you have to be (or ask) a French tax payer. Then connect to your account and follow our HouseHunters tutorial.

Once connected, click on ” Rechercher des transactions immobilières..“(see red arrow)

On the next window, tick the two boxes as shown : “J’ai lu et accepte les conditions..” and “Vente ou acquisition potentielle“. Then click on the blue button “Commencer

You are now on Patrim. Select the property type (“Type de bien”), its size in sqm, an address (the search area center), a radius and the period of time for the sale search. Then click on the blue button “Rechercher”.

Here you are, you can see all sales in the area for the given type of property and the period.

But be aware that if the number of properties is too small, Patrim will ask you to widen you search.

Enjoy & Share.