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Macron and the property market

There will be no Revolution (the title of his best selling program book) on the property market if Emmanuel Macron gets elected on Sunday, May 7th.

The candidate of the movement “En Marche!” is pleading for stability on the housing market. He repeatedly committed to bringing more stability to the fiscal and regulatory framework during his five-year term once the first adjustments will be made. Indeed French and non-French property owners and tax payers are complaining steadily of a non stop flow of new laws and of a permanent revolution in fiscal rules. 

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Property Price Negotiation, A Roleplay.

Price negotiation in the French countryside is a touchy game where rationality is less than often the leading principle. There are nevertheless some basics in French seller psychology a foreign buyer should know.

An exorbitant price might be a good opportunity

In fact, most French private sellers have no idea about the price they can ask for their house. They bought it in French Francs a long time or some years ago (ages in the fast moving property market) and suddenly they are decided or have to sell.

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A new blog

New House

This is the new blog of an old stones lover, un amoureux des vieilles pierres.  Old stones in French means houses with character, properties with a story, places where one can read on stones the search for beauty and harmony of ancient dwellers.

I am not an archeologist. I am a property finder. With this blog I want to share experience and knowledge with people interested in French houses.

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