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French judges sentence subletting via Airbnb. Really ?

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An important article was recently published in the French daily Le Monde (1) regarding the latest sentences given to tenants who had sublet their dwelling or part of it through Airbnb. This were the first precedents set over this important issue for people interested in a Buy-To-Let property in France.

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Plane pass on French gîtes’ tax benefits.


From January 1st, 2016 the fiscal plane has been passed on the tax benefits enjoyed by gîtes owners in France who have chosen the simplified tax regime called micro BIC.
Until then for a maximum rent allowance of 82,200
they could flatly deduce 71% of their rental incomes before taxes were levied (income tax + social tax at 15,5 %).

Now, the deduction decreases to 50 % and the maximum rent allowance slides down to 32,900 € (the same as for non registered furnished lettings). Note that this will not apply for the tax returns on tax year 2015 to be filled soon. The plane pass will be made on rental incomes of FY 2016 to be declared in 2017.

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