The quest for a French house with a soul

Macron and the property market

There will be no Revolution (the title of his best selling program book) on the property market if Emmanuel Macron gets elected on Sunday, May 7th.

The candidate of the movement “En Marche!” is pleading for stability on the housing market. He repeatedly committed to bringing more stability to the fiscal and regulatory framework during his five-year term once the first adjustments will be made. Indeed French and non-French property owners and tax payers are complaining steadily of a non stop flow of new laws and of a permanent revolution in fiscal rules. 

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  1. Katherine

    I’d love to read more but the link isn’t working……

    • It is now. Sorry for that.

      • Katherine

        No worries. Thanks for fixing it so quickly.

        Macron’s plans seem reasonable, especially the last one, but I’m guessing somehow the “red tape” will still be there.

        • You’re most welcome.
          One cannot turn a bureaucracy into a flexible customer oriented service provider in one day. But what most of his voters are expecting is a resolute step into the XXIth century.

          • Katherine

            Indeed. And if he can get the parliamentary support he needs, good things could happen. He must get elected, first, though, so here’s hoping for the right outcome on Sunday!

          • You pointed right: “If he can get the parliamentary support he needs”. He should win on Sunday but 70/30 will not be the same as 55/45. Fingers crossed.

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