The quest for a French house with a soul

Month: May 2016

Househunting is investigating.

Because of too much home staging house hunters are often lured into visiting French properties that are not worth the time and the journey. To avoid this some basic searches on the net can help get a better picture of the property and even explore its dark (or grey) sides.

As a property finder, we do this all the time. Once a property is spotted, we remotely assess it by deeply browsing the net. We collect facts and information not only on the house, but its environment, the seller, its purchase history. Everything available.

When we select a proparty for our own fisrt viewing, we already “know” it well and home staging won’t put wool over our eyes. This tedious homework is time and money savvy and it makes us able to provide a first class service for reasonable fees.


To illustrate this, I invite you to a journey into property intelligence. Our start point today is an ad on Leboncoin ( https://www.leboncoin.fr/ ), the French portal where everyone can advertise anything, even castles.

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Wishful thinking: French realtors foresee a brilliant year.

brilliant year

According to French Crédit Foncier real estate professionals have been increasingly optimistic about market trends since the beginning of year 2016. This major lender’s most recent polls show that 81 % of the eatate agent and other property pros deem the national market level as improving or stabilizing. And the situation is even more encouraging in the Ile-De-France region.

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