The French website published its last edition of a price observer that points some interesting trends.

In big cities prices are quiet, even on the one year period. Nantes remains far ahead, strengthening its reputation as the most attractive destination for internal migrants.

The pertinent ITI (number of buyers per property for sale) underlines an obvious lack of buyers on the urban real estate market.

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The observer that is accessible here  (in French) gives some key points for the understanding of the current situation:

  1. A resumption of the interest rates’ decrease (-0,2 % in February) that boosts buyers capabilities

  2. This buying stimulation intervenes as the market nears its high season, when first buyers, investors and families are more numerous.

  3. These two factors make prices rise or attenuate their fall while, in the meantime, there is still a shortage of solvent buyers.

  4. Increase in deals is true but conditions for a lasting recovery are still not present.