The quest for a French house with a soul

Month: February 2016

Living with the winds


Wind is the bulk movement of air -Period. Each of us knows what wind is. Sailors, kite surfers, cyclists and distinguished owners of numerous defunct umbrellas know more.

Actually there are winds and winds. Some of them are global resulting from the difference in absorption of solar energy between the Equator and the Poles. Others are local generated by the heating of land surfaces and usually lasting a few hours. According to the wind’s strength we speak of squalls, breezes or gales, or eventually storms and hurricanes.

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Tags for a dream house.

When working out the profile of our dream house we usually draw a mental image of a property that reflects family members’ personalities and expectations.

This picture is often influenced by the house magazines and websites with their “stunning”, “amazing” perfectly decorated properties surrounded by superbly maintained gardens. As experienced house hunters know too well, flawless properties do exist but never match their budget. More often, what they view demonstrate that aesthetic inclination is something we, humans, don’t understand the same way.

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A new blog

New House

This is the new blog of an old stones lover, un amoureux des vieilles pierres.  Old stones in French means houses with character, properties with a story, places where one can read on stones the search for beauty and harmony of ancient dwellers.

I am not an archeologist. I am a property finder. With this blog I want to share experience and knowledge with people interested in French houses.

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